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It’s about time: Kiss pays video tribute to Derek Jeter


Confession time: I once really liked Kiss. A couple friends and I would put on Kiss records, pick up toy guitars and a drum kit and jam. I was Paul Stanley. My friend Teddy was Peter Criss. Mike was Ace Frehley. We had a rotating cast of kids who were Gene Simmons. The highlight of our little fake concerts was “Detroit Rock City,” at the end of which Teddy would crash his drum kit like it was a car crash. It was pretty fantastic.

Of course we were, like, eight and we were over that by the time we were nine or so. Kiss is pretty terrible, you guys. “Destroyer” has its moments and I could probably make up a playlist of 8-10 songs that, if I had to, I could listen to a few times without rolling my eyes. But they don’t hold up for more than about 10 minutes. If you’re in to theatric rock and roll, find some old GWAR videos. If you like hard 70s rock, listen to Sabbath. Don’t let your friends act as if Kiss does anything other than represent some cynical, inadequate compromise. Oh, and Gene Simmons is an awful person too.

But they are from New York, so I guess they get a shot at this sort of thing like everyone else:

(h/t Pinstripe Alley)