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Man pulls sword over baseball card. Read on if you want; headline pretty much says it all.

Look, this story pretty much explains itself, so let me use the preamble to the usual block quote to ask the media something: How hard would it have been to figure out which card the guy decided to flash steel over? I mean, it’s the ONE thing I want to know after reading this:

Recently, a suspended Washington postal worker was taken into custody after a dispute with a convenience store clerk over a baseball card turned ugly after the clerk refused to immediately return the card. The 59-year old man returned to the convenience store with a 3-foot sword threatening to the employee.

The man then returned to his home a few block away, several minutes after returning, the Washington police sent a SWAT team to the baseball carnoisseur’s layer. The man surrendered his sword after the SWAT team bombarded his castle with Tear Gas.

Well, I’d also like to know (a) if this really was a castle; and (b) what the heck a “carnoisseur” is, but let’s leave that lone for the moment.

My guess: the guy pulled the sword over a 1989 Fleer Larry Sheets. Because those are the rarest of the rare. Out in public, I mean. They’d have to be, because I’m pretty sure I have the entire run of them in my basement. If the water main breaks, the Larry Sheets cards will be able to soak it up for a month.