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Michael Pineda’s doctor told him he’d be 100% for spring training? Really?

pineda ap
Yankees pitcher Micheal Pineda got the worst possible diagnosis a couple of weeks ago when he learned he tore his labrum. But despite the fact that it has sometimes taken guys two years to truly come back from that -- and has ended many more careers -- Pineda told WFAN today that his doctor thinks it’s all good:

Q: Is your hope that you’ll be ready to pitch next spring training?

A: Yeah, the doctor before the surgery, he told me, “Hey no worries. You can’t pitch this year, but I promise next year you’ll be ready 100 percent in spring training.” That’s what he told me before the surgery.

I suppose we should take Pineda at his word, but in my experience doctor’s don’t make promises like that. Partially because you can’t ever know things like that this far out, but also because doctors really aren’t big fans of being sued.

My doctor won’t guarantee me that the stethoscope won’t be cold. I have a hard time seeing a surgeon tell a professional athlete that his more-often-than-not career-ending injury will be 100% healed and he’ll be good to go in less than a year.

But hey, maybe Pineda has a better doctor than I do.