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Minaya apologizes to Rubin

At least I think so:

Mets general manager Omar Minaya says he apologized to a beat reporter for his critical comments during a bizarre news conference. Minaya says he met with New York Daily News reporter Adam Rubin on Wednesday. But the GM was unclear when asked Thursday if he stood by his statements that questioned Rubin’s motives and credibility for a series of articles about former player development executive Tony Bernazard . . . Minaya says he thinks Rubin accepted his apology.

I’d say it sounds like one of those “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings” non-apologies, but those at least require calculation, and if Minaya did much calculating before determining a course of action, he never would have said what he said beforehand.

Or traded for Jeff Francoeur.

Or signed Oliver Perez to an extension.

Or . . .