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Minor league announcer quits while he’s on the air

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Remember the silliness with the Lake County Fielders last week? How the manager and a giant chunk of the team quit right before a game because they weren’t getting paid, leading to a game in which Jose Canseco pitched for the opposition?

Yeah, well apparently that was just one part of a gigantic cluster going on with that team, because the Fielders’ announcer -- Qumar Zaman -- felt the need to quit while on the air the other day, just after the game ended. Seems he wasn’t getting paid either. And he took the opportunity to give the Fielders’ ownership a piece of his mind, as is evidenced in the video below. Stay with it, because he really gets going. He’s pissed. And it sounds like he has a good point.

Note: don’t stiff a guy who has a microphone and a transmitter. Or if you do, make sure you take him off the air before you stiff him.