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NBC SportsTalk: Should the Marlins have fired Ozzie Guillen?

Steak and Craigs


I was on the tee-vee last night, debating with a man named Steak -- really -- about whether the Marlins should have fired Ozzie Guillen. File that under “things I never would have guessed I’d be doing this time last week.”

Anyway, one thought occurred to me after we taped this thing. If the Marlins truly thought that Ozzie Guillen was expressing support for Fidel Castro, his crimes and his policies, that certainly would have justified Guillen’s firing because that’s just nuts. If they did not think he was doing that, however, then he deserved no punishment whatsoever.

All of which just reinforces the notion that the five game suspension and the contrition tour is just bunk designed to mollify angry people, not to foster that “sensitivity that the game’s many cultures deserve” which Bud Selig was talking about yesterday, and that’s pretty weak sauce, even if the anger is understandable.

Oh well, whatever.