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New Yorkers fail to bring the Manny-hate

New York fans -- who take pride in their passion and hostility, even when it’s misguided -- need to take a long look in the mirror today after being shamed in the pages of a Los Angeles newspaper:

Reporting from New York -- Manny Ramirez, you’re not in San Diego anymore. Or are you?

The Dodgers’ left fielder sparked some boos Tuesday night during an abbreviated appearance, but he mostly generated indifference from a Citi Field crowd that displayed something resembling SoCal cool. The heckling was especially mild among those seated behind Ramirez in left field during the 4 1/2 innings he played before being ejected for scattering his bat, helmet and arm guard on the field after a called third strike.

“I’ve been in some hostile environments,” Daniel Nussen, a Santa Monica-born Dodgers fan who now lives in Manhattan, said from his seat in left field. “This is just like another Mets game.”

The only possible explanations for this are (a) Citi Field has priced out your typical, obnoxious Mets fan in favor of a bunch of mild-mannered white collar types; (b) the Mets’ recent struggles have simply demoralized the fan base, to the point where they can’t get their dander up over much of anything; or (c) Manny Ramirez isn’t nearly the villain in the eyes of fans that the press desperately wants him to be. What say you, Manny?

“I get that support everywhere I go. “The fans have been great to me, especially in L.A. . . . People really like me.”

Makes sense to me. Now, can we finally get over the phony outrage?