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Not so fast: Ryan Dempster says “THERE IS NO TRADE”

ryan dempster getty
So everyone -- Atlanta reporters, Chicago reporters and national reporters -- is running with the Ryan Dempster-to-Atlanta trade. Only one problem: Ryan Dempster seems to not know about it:

THERE IS NO TRADE dont know where this info came from!

— Dempster Foundation (@RyanDempsterFDN) July 23, 2012

And his knowledge of this is rather important given that he has 10/5 rights and must approve any deal.

Now, Dempster was reported a couple of weeks ago to be amenable to any trade to a contender, and there’s no reason at present to think that Dempster isn’t going to sign off here, but the fact is that the Cubs and Braves still need his formal sign off before a deal goes down. And, as of about five minutes ago, Dempster had just arrived at the Cubs clubhouse and was not packing. He was getting ready for the day just like any other.

Question: if people with the Cubs or the Braves are leaking this story to reporters before Dempster is approached for approval, how mad do you think that makes Dempster. Pretty darn mad, I’d guess.