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Oakland’s efforts to keep the A’s: you’re doing it wrong

Last week, the City of Oakland proposed a handful of sites for a potential stadium that would keep the Athletics from moving down to San Jose. Only one slight problem -- not all of those sites are what you’d call “available”:

The Jefferson Street site is composed of about 30 private properties. The infield would be where Markus Supply Hardware has been located since the 1950s.

“They want to put a stadium right here? We wouldn’t like that,” said owner Dan Altwarg. “We would fight that, and most property owners around here would, too.”

The city has not begun negotiations on any of the sites.

Something tells me that the little panel designed to stack the deck in favor of a move to San Jose -- er, I mean designed to determine the most viable location for the storied Athletics franchise -- will notice that quote as they compile their report.

(link via Pinto)