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One way to fix the Hall of Fame vote? The binary ballot

Hall of Fame ballot

Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch is a first-time Hall of Fame voter this year. But he has certainly thought hard about Hall of Fame voting, and today he has a proposal that, if adopted, would address the biggest complaint a lot of voters have about the process. The complaint which has caused a couple of them to boycott the process: the ten-vote limit.

Goold’s solution: the binary ballot:

The Hall and the writers should embrace the bedrock question and its two simple answers on the ballot by doing away the 10-player limit and just putting two boxes beneath every name on the ballot. Yes. No. This forces the voter to weigh each player individually, not as a group, not when weighted as one of the 10 most-deserving on the ballot. It’s simpler. It’s streamlined. And it fits the theme every voter must confront, the ghost of PEDs past or not.

I like it. Give each guy his individual due and stop with the game theory baloney like, say, not voting for Randy Johnson because you know he’ll get in anyway. Well, dammit, what if you WANT to vote for Randy Johnson?

I like he binary ballot.