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Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams “almost came to blows”

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Yesterday Kenny Williams complained of the White Sox’ “soap opera.” Today Joe Cowley of the Sun-Times reports that it may be more like “Tuesday Night Fights":

After the White Sox’ 3-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers, the Sun-Times was told by a team source that general manager Ken Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen ''almost came to blows in a heated shouting match’’ on Tuesday evening because of the draft fallout of Guillen’s youngest son, Ozney.

What led to the confrontation was Ozzie’s comment after Ozney fell to the 22nd round: “‘I give my kid 50 grand just to go to school [at the University of South Florida rather than sign with the Sox]. I got 50 grand in my pocket to send my kid to go to Niketown or buy something.’'

I guess that’s Ozzie being dismissive of the small signing bonus Ozney will get due to being such a low pick. Of course if it wasn’t for his daddy he wouldn’t have gotten picked at all, I presume, so one can understand why Williams might have been pissed at getting needled by Ozzie about it.

Cowley suggests -- as have many before him -- that team owner Jerry Reinsdorf will always take Ozzie’s side over Kenny’s, so there’s really no way for Kenny to deal with the situation. When your authority is undermined like that and no one above you has your back, what choice do you have but to quit?