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Pirates exec says millennials are go-getters

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For many, many years we’ve been “treated” to articles about how millennials are lazy or entitled or victims of helicopter parenting and that they just don’t want to work or grow up or blahblahblahblahblah.

Yes, such articles have been written about just about every generation. At least since we started naming generations and caring about some single trait that defines a certain group of tens of millions of people who happened to have been born during an arbitrary set of years. But I do get the sense that there have been far more written about millennials than other generations. Probably the fault of those selfish and vane Baby Boomers who control the media. Let me tell you the thing that defines all of them . . .

Anyway, today it was refreshing to read a story that actually talks up the millennials as ambitious hard workers. I link it here because the hook is the assessment of Drew Cloud, the chief sales and marketing officer for the Pirates, and that’s baseball, so here you go.

Oh, and Cloud is 43, which makes him a Gen-Xer like me. And everyone knows that all Gen-Xers are admirable people who assess the world in smart and correct terms, always.