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Random stuff from Lou Piniella

More reporters surrounded Lou Piniella than did Bobby Cox. His competition -- Dave Trembley -- was basically talking to the wall. Sad, really.

  • Lou didn’t have much interesting to say, really. He said Carlos Zambrano has been in Chicago all winter and has lost 15 pounds so far. He thinks Zambrano should win 20 games every year. Not to put any pressure on him or anything.
  • When asked about how long he was going to manage he said he’d sign a fifteen year extension right now. When asked, in all seriousness Lou, how long, he said “I just said I’d sign a fifteen year extension.” You get the sense that Piniella is rather amused by this whole event and kind of views it like performance art or something.
  • He thinks having the new ownership in place will be a great thing, and that the Ricketts can provide the sort of “tender loving care” that corporate ownership can’t provide.

I feel the same way. I can’t wait for Mr. and Mrs. Comcast to take over. I hope they invite me to dinner one night.

Ozzie Guillen is up next. There are stenographers next to each manager for these interviews. I feel sorry for the woman who has to keep up with Guillen.