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UPDATE: OK, maybe Wang and the Nats do have a deal

UPDATE: Maybe the debunking needs debunking. The NYT’s Tyler Kepner notes that no reporter is closer to Chien-Ming Wang than Pete Abraham is, and he backs Abe’s report that the Nats and Wang are going to get together. Perhaps all that happened after Abe’s report was that a nervous agent merely told some people that nothing formal can be announced yet.

And it does seem that other suitors are out of the picture. Two hours ago Heyman reported that the Dodgers were interested in Wang. Then, an hour ago he reported that L.A. “pulled out of the Wang debry.” Of course, given that there may be a deal with Washington already there, it’s possible that Wang pulled out.


10:13 A.M.: Buster Olney and others are now debunking Abraham’s report. The story remains: the Nats are a “finalist” but Wang hasn’t made up his mind and probably won’t for 7-10 days.

As you were.

8:55 A.M.: Pete Abraham tweets that Chien-Ming Wang has decided to accept an offer from the Nationals.

Good move for the Nats. He’s probably not going to cost a ton, and he’ll be around later in the season when their young guys could use some innings relief. Still don’t know why the Dodgers or Mets didn’t take a flyer on him.