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Rumors: Cliff Lee to the Yankees?

I’m not sure if I read Jon Heyman’s daily rumors piece and Twitter posts because I actually believe what he reports -- because I kind of don’t -- or simply because it’s fun to read the stuff he comes up with each day. For example, today he has:

-- the Yankees asking about Cliff Lee, with the Indians asking for either Joba or Phil Hughes in return, which I can’t see Brian Cashman being dumb enough to do;

-- The Rays shopping Scott Kazmir to the Angels. Query: would that deal finally stop Mets fans from @!$%#ing about the Victor Zambrano deal? Wait, who am I kidding? Mets fans never stop @!$%#ing about anything;

-- He also has the Rays in on the Victor Martinez sweepstakes, along with the Red Sox. It strikes me that if the Sox thought they could get Martinez than they wouldn’t have acquired LaRoche. It also strikes me that if the Rays are interested in trading Scott Kazmir and the Indians are (a) hung up on getting pitching that will, according to Heyman, “give them hope in 2010"; and (b) insistent on trading Martinez, that those two teams should be on the phone, like yesterday;

-- Lots of Halladay stuff, but nothing new; and

-- Further confirmation, such as it is, that the Cardinals and A’s are going to do a Matt Holliday deal.

Finally, Heyman quotes Indians’ GM Mark Shapiro as saying “There is an understanding of the value of young prospects in roster construction. But it’s almost to the point where there’s an over-evaluation of these guys. There’s almost an over-correction.”

So I guess what he’s saying is now is the right time to try and snag Matt LaPorta, who’s wasting away in my hometown for no apparant reason right now?