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Ryan Zimmerman takes batting practice

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals

Getty Images

So much of the injury news this time of year seems hopeless and pointless. So-and-so is hoping to play on such-and-such a date. This guy may throw a bullpen session and could start whenever. Never mind that their teams are all but eliminated and the point of their getting back on the field is more about moral victories than anything else. Obviously they have to do what they have to do, but that kind of news makes me sad because it reminds us that two-thirds of the teams are basically in wind-down mode and the regular season will soon be over. It’s a real bummer.

So when you see a rehab story that does have some sort of point to it, well, that’s way better. This has a point to it:

Ryan Zimmerman took BP today for the 1st time since his injury. It’s a positive step but not the key one. “Running is the biggest test.”

— Andrew Simon (@AndrewSimonMLB) September 9, 2014

If Zimmerman can get back, he can help the playoff-bound Nats. Either off the bench or in platoon situations or whatever. It matters if he can play in ways that it doesn’t matter if so-and-so on the other team can.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to go all emotional with that. But the end of the season bums me out a lot. It’s over in less than three weeks. Sure, we’ll have a month of playoffs and those are great, but it’s not the regular season. The regular season rules. And now it’s almost over.