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Shocker: there is no evidence that metal detectors at ballparks will make anyone safer

Metal Detector

Major League Baseball has mandated metal detectors at all ballparks next season. Many have already put them up. As Neil deMause notes over at Vice today, however, they are utterly pointless. There is no evidence whatsoever that metal detectors actually reduce incidents of terrorism/violence/mischief/etc., and some reason to believe that putting them in will actually inspire would-be wrongdoers to get more creative with respect to the havoc they would wreak.

Harvard security expert Bruce Schneier agrees, calling the new MLB directive “security theater” . . . “This is very much a C.Y.A. type of thing,” he says. “‘If something happens, we’re going to be blamed’ . . .This kind of crap is what the terrorists winning looks like.”

No question that this is all just a facade to keep someone from suing should something happen one day or to look like they’re being proactive. Or, possibly, Major League Baseball has cornered the market on plastic flasks and is poised to rake in the dough from people who like having a snort of hooch at a ballgame.

Not that I know anyone like that.