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Some folks didn’t get the “Ostracize A-Rod” memo!

Alex Rodriguez devil horns
A-Rod: doing good deeds, having his praises sung by a notable Yankees figure and soon to meet with an eager Yankees brass!

A-Rod has asked and been granted a meeting with the Yankees, GM Brian Cashman confirmed.

— Nick Cafardo (@nickcafardo) February 6, 2015

Brian Cashman said earlier reports that the Yankees had turned down a clear-the-air-meeting with A-Rod were not true.

— Nick Cafardo (@nickcafardo) February 6, 2015

Cashman said yesterday was the first time A-Rod requested a meeting and “we’re more than happy to meet with him.”

— Nick Cafardo (@nickcafardo) February 6, 2015

Hmm. That certainly doesn’t jibe with the narrative. Nor does this, from John Sterling, the Yankees announcer:
“We talked right after the fire. Alex felt terrible about it,” Sterling told me over the telephone. “He offered me his place in Manhattan to stay in when this happened. I guess he was in Florida.”

Sterling, while realistic about the chances for A-Rod to contribute as a player has nothing but good things to say about him. But, this being a story in the Daily News, it is important that the author immediately note that A-Rod is, indeed, hated:

“I’m rooting for Alex,” Sterling said emphatically. “He’s a friend.”

Having absolutely no knowledge of how each member of the Yankees organization feels about Rodriguez, it’s a safe bet they are not on the same page as Sterling. A-Rod does not have many allies.

The very next paragraph explains how the team’s manager, Joe Girardi, is an A-Rod ally. And then the stuff above from Cashman. And earlier in the week Yankees reliever Dellin Betances talked about liking A-Rod and looking forward to seeing him in camp. And there have been a lot of stories about his good relationship with Latin players in pinstripes over the years.

None of which makes A-Rod a great guy. The fact about him are the facts. But it’s almost as if the extent to which he is a monster no one likes has been overblown by the press. Shocking, I know.