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The Amazing Kreskin thinks he can fix the Pirates

Little known fact: The Amazing Kreskin was the only guy who knew about Russell and Huntington’s contract extensions last winter! He also wants a job with the Pirates:

The hapless Pittsburgh Pirates have sunk so low in the standings that The Amazing Kreskin is offering his services to bail them out -- for an undisclosed fee.

The mentalist, best known for his spots on late-night TV shows and a good run of picking winners of Super Bowls, Academy Awards and elections, thinks the Buccos not only will make this their 18th consecutive losing season, but will continue to stay below .500 for another two years.

And with trenchant insight like that you can see why this guy makes a living on his predictions. What should the Buccos do, Mr. Amazing?
If retained, Kreskin promises to exile Pirates general manager Neal Huntington and manager John Russell until their recently revealed contract extensions expire in 2011, deals he believes sent the wrong message of “failure and lack of team success” to a squad showcasing the worst hitting and the second-worst pitching stats in Major League Baseball . . . Kreskin believes that once the undynamic duo departs, he could use the power of suggestion to fix the players’ collective funk.
Sounds good to me. Notably, though, he doesn’t suggest that they be fired. He just thinks they should be sent out of the country somewhere until their contracts are up. He suggests Tibet and Uruguay.

On one level that’s crazy. Of course as of last night the Diamondbacks will be paying Josh Byrnes big money for the next five years to do nothing, so is it really all that crazy?