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The Mets want a manager in place by the end of the month

As we mentioned this morning, the Mets will be on to their second round of managerial interviews shortly. Yesterday, Sandy Alderson said that he wants this wrapped up by the end of the month at the latest:

“It would probably be helpful for us to have a manager by the end of the month,” the new Mets general manager said during a conference call yesterday. “Another sort of logical deadline is Thanksgiving. I’m not sure we’re going to make that.”

Dude was a Marine. I imagine he’s pretty good at keeping a schedule.

Anyway, this is also an opportunity to revisit some of my Wally Backman comments from this morning. They’re not exactly going over well in some quarters. I can see why. Suggesting that the Mets are merely humoring the fan base in interviewing Backman a rather un-Occam’s Razor-like position to take, and I’ve always prided myself on adhering as close as I can to obvious explanations that explain all of the facts rather than coming up with conspiracy theories. That doesn’t mean I’m backtracking from this morning’s comments -- I just can’t shake the notion that Alderson’s consideration of Backman is strange given both men’s histories -- but I’m prepared to admit that I may be completely out to lunch. Doesn’t help that Heyman as exactly the same take I do, which is rarely a good sign.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, enjoy this insightful list of the candidates the Mets apparently aren’t considering for some reason, and which provide further evidence that the Mets just don’t get it as an organization.