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The Nationals response to Jimmy Rollins: injuries are part of the deal

Sandy Leon

Washington Nationals catcher Sandy Leon, center, is helped off the field during the fourth inning of baseball game against the San Diego Padres, Monday, May 14, 2012 in Washington. Leon who as playing in his first major-league game was injured during a play at home plate. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)


The other day Jimmy Rollins said that if the Phillies hadn’t had so many injuries last year that they would have beat out the Nationals in the NL East. Bob Brookover asked the Nationals about that:

“I would never find Jimmy Rollins disrespectful,” he said. “I respect him too much. But if we were healthy all year, we might have won 120 games. But we’ll have a chance to find out this year.”

Which I don’t take at all to be Werth truly saying that the Nationals would have won 120 games. I take it -- along with the comments of other Nats players -- as a cute way of saying, hey, everyone has injuries, it’s part of the game.

I really do dislike it when players, managers, front office types, fans or whoever play the " ... if it weren’t for the injuries ..” game. Yes, injuries suck. And yes, injuries often prevent teams from doing as well as they might have if the injuries had not occurred. But injuries contribute to losses for every single team. If you hypothetically remove them from one team, as Rollins would have us do, you have to hypothetically remove them from the others as well.