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There were some awesome signs being held up by fans last night

Ever since the Supreme Court outlawed literacy tests for ticket buying, we’ve had to put up with stuff like this.

@mike_petriello hehehe. gaints suck...

— Harrison Turner (@harrisonusc) April 2, 2014

Frankly, as a fan of the Atlanta Barves, I have no problem with this. Go Barves. And:

Fan brings “Jacoby Elsbury is a trader” trolling to the ballpark, maybe.

— Marc Normandin (@Marc_Normandin) April 2, 2014

Now, there is a chance that this one is not a function of stupidity but, rather, a sarcastic take on the dumb fan response we saw so much of on Twitter after Ellsbury signed with the Yankees. People legitimately calling him a “trader” and such. At least, for her sake, I hope that’s what she was doing.