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This year’s Fourth of July caps are absolutely hideous


No, this thing to the right is not the actual hat. But at this rate we’re less than a couple of years from it.

Uni Watch has an exclusive look at the design that will be used for caps on the Fourth of July. You can see the Dodgers cap, which is the only one he has a pic of, over at his website. If you can’t click through until later, just picture a team logo silkscreened over one of those car dealership-sized American flags. Really, the flag graphic takes over the whole cap.

Uni Watch’s sentiments about this are more or less my own and more or less follow what we’ve said here in the past about over-the-top patriotism and the misrepresentation of holidays as military events as opposed to remembrances or broadly civic observances. It has become a joke at this point, and the fact that proceeds from the caps go to veteran’s charities is largely beside the point. How often do you even see these event caps out in the world, purchased by the sorts of people who wear caps? Not often. MLB and the charities in question would probably be better served by simply diverting profits from regular merchandise for a period of time.

Or by simply selling these caps to the public and letting baseball players look like baseball players instead of Toby Keith’s backing band.