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Umpire Dale Scott rung up Big Papi on a terrible call

David Ortiz struck out looking in the ninth inning of yesterday’s Sox-Jays game. I’ve seen Ortiz roll his eyes and grumble about calls before, but he’s not known to be a whiner or anything. He went absolutely nuts after strike three, however, and when you watch the video, you’ll agree that he had a case. That ball would have plunked a righty on the thigh.

But maybe our eyes deceive us! Maybe the camera angle and wind shear and the Doppler effect and stuff tricked our minds into seeing a ball when it really was a strike! Pitch f/x, baby! It’s the only way to be sure!

Nope! Just as bad as it looked. And strike one wasn’t much better.

It happens, I suppose. But as pitch data is becoming easier and easier for the common fan to use, bad calls are becoming harder to take.