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VlaDHimir Guerrero

Get me, I’m clairvoyant. I said this on July 8th:

The Angels lose Vlad to a knee injury that, while maybe not terribly serious, has to be enough to keep him from ever playing the field again, right? I mean, he has to be a DH at this point, doesn’t he?

The Angels said this yesterday:

The Angels plan to restrict Vladimir Guerrero to designated hitter for the rest of the season, raising the possibility that Angels fans have seen him play in right field for the last time.

If you want Tuesday night’s Mega Millions numbers just wire me, like, a hundred bucks or so.

If you want something actually worth a damn, however, go read Jason’s remembrance of Vlad’s peak. He’s having a hard time getting his mind around Guerrero not patrolling right field. I am too, actually. I suppose that’s the consequence of watching him come up like a beast in the east, but having his physical decline take place on the west coast, where I’ve only rarely seen him in recent years.

In my mind, he’s still in an Expos uniform unloading howitzer shots from right field.