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We need Kafka to cover Yankees spring training


Read this John Harper article from Yankees spring training and marvel at how the absurdity of his premise does not dawn on him mid-paragraph. The summary -- and this is not me editorializing, this is how it plays out:

1. A-Rod is camp and it is causing some strain.

2. Specifically, Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman are being asked a lot of questions about him.

3. Yesterday both Girardi and Cashman became exasperated at being asked so many questions about him, some of which made absolutely no sense to Girardi and Cashman.

4. This is A-Rod’s fault. Really:

To be fair, Girardi and Cashman took issue with the media, not Rodriguez, but this is what comes with having A-Rod back in pinstripes after he practically declared war on the ballclub as part of his failed strategy to avoid a PED suspension.

Yes, it is A-Rod who forced the media to ask nothing but A-Rod questions yesterday, some of which were absurd and almost all of which were repeated, over and over.

And Harper isn’t alone. Joel Sherman has his own spin on it:

Joe Girardi’s post-workout press conference began with nine questions about A-Rod and then one about a retired player, Derek Jeter. When asked if he were happy to have Rodriguez in camp, Girardi answered broadly by speaking of how pleased he is to see everyone. When it was noted to him that he didn’t really answer the question about A-Rod, Girardi brandished what are his two tells when he is about to be misleading — his voice went higher and he grew angry, in this case, criticizing the meaning of the question.

Brian Cashman answered a series of A-Rod questions and then also grew annoyed when asked if he were happy the disgraced slugger was back, saying soon after, “I don’t really want to talk about Alex anymore.” This from a general manager appreciated by the media for his willingness to handle questions in all variety of Yankees storms.

This is the very definition of trolling. This is no different than the guy in the comments section who makes 15 comments insulting you until you finally respond and then he says “Ooh, sensitive much? Guess I hit a nerve!!” Perhaps he did. But not in the way he thinks. He was just being completely annoying.

Serenity now.