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What should be THE LAST word on the beer and fried chicken thing

Fried chicken

Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe writes what -- if the universe is reasonable and just -- should be the final word on the Red Sox’ beer and friend chicken scandal. The upshot: this is no scandal and everyone should get a grip.

What makes it so persuasive is how he lays out what goes on in clubhouses and bullpens all over baseball and how anyone who makes a federal case out of it is being sensationalistic or obtuse or some combination of the two.

We’ve had great fun with this story. Because, man, what’s more fun than beer and chicken? But anyone who is reading unprecedented disrespect or unprofessionalism into this affair -- anyone who thinks that it, rather than a bunch of ill-timed poor performances was to blame for the Red Sox collapse -- needs to get some perspective.

Nice job, Pete. Thanks for the reality check.