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Who’s your least favorite player?


That’s the question John Paschal asks over at The Hardball Times. And it turns out it’s a much more complicated question than it seems.

Because why do we hate players anyway? Do we hate them because they’re rotten people? If so, how do we know if they’re truly rotten? Do we hate players because they do well against our team? If so, how deep can that hate really be, given that we likely suspend it the moment that player changes teams or leagues or whatever? Do we as fans have enough invested to justify hate anyway?

Some big questions. Questions which Paschal asks several people, many of whom give small answers. Like, hating a guy because “it’s an objective truth that his face and lips are stupid,” which is what one of Paschal’s correspondents says. Not that that isn’t an excellent reason to hate someone.

Jump into the hate. Embrace it. But don’t try to explain it. That way lies madness.