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You knew this was coming: the New York press returns to its A-Rod fainting couch

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez


The day after the story broke that Alex Rodriguez revealed his PED use to DEA agents, the expected columns congratulating him for finally telling the truth and cooperating with law enforcement and helping to put away a drug dealer who peddled to school kids are out.

Hahaha, nooo, I’m sorry. That’s not true. What we have are the faux-outraged reactions from columnists who love nothing more than a good A-Rod bashing. Here’s Juliet Macur of the New York Times. Here’s Lupica. Both of them have the hottest of takes, you can imagine.

But it is unquestionably fake outrage. Because the only way one could be truly outraged by learning that A-Rod admitted his drug use to authorities is if one believed that he actually did not do drugs before. Otherwise, all you got yesterday was confirmation of what you knew all along: that Alex Rodriguez lied his face off when he said he didn’t do drugs. Lupica even admits this:

From the start only suckers believed his version of things on Bosch and Biogenesis. Suckers believed Alex Rodriguez was being railroaded by Major League Baseball. Sure he was. How was he getting railroaded, exactly?

Yet he still is shocked and appalled. And he thinks yesterday somehow changed something. How, exactly, he does not say, but dadgummit, the Yankees NOW need to find a way to get rid of Rodriguez. He talks about buyouts and things. Not once explaining how, on the baseball field or in the Yankees front office, anything is different today than it was yesterday. But boy, he sure showed everyone how mad he was.

Despite the baloney from Macur and Lupica, both the Times and the Daily News have good baseball writers who actually have a clue about this situation in general and/or what the Yankees are up to in particular. Tyler Kepner. Mark Feinsand. Feinsand wrote today that A-Rod is working out and focusing on his comeback and that, despite all of the noise yesterday, this doesn’t change anything given that Rodriguez has served his time. He tweeted yesterday that the only way Rodriguez doesn’t play for the Yankees next year is if he, you know, actually can’t play due to his age and the year layoff. Which makes perfect sense.

But I guess actual information and reasoning grounded in reality doesn’t get to lead the sports page when there is yelling and screaming to be done.