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2022 Supercross Power Rankings after Round 13: Marvin Musquin surges after Triple Crown win

Todd Harris, Ricky Carmichael, Daniel Blair and Will Christien recap an action-packed night in St. Louis after Marvin Musquin topped the 450 field and Eli Tomac won the overall Triple Crown title.

Eli Tomac’s streak of five consecutive wins ended last week in the St. Louis Triple Crown, but he swept the top five and won one of the three features to remain at the top of the Supercross Rankings after Round 13.

In addition to stacking feature wins, Tomac has a perfect record of top-fives in heats and Triple Crown features during the past 45 days. His third-place in the overall results last week didn’t cost him anything in the championship hunt as he managed to finish ahead of his two closest rivals, Jason Anderson and Justin Barcia.

The big winner was Marvin Musquin, however. His first overall win of the season came with a pair of runner-up finishes and a feature win in the Triple Crown format. Equally important, since the Power Rankings looks at the past 45 days, he is no longer being drug down by his worst result of the season, which was a 14th overall in the Arlington, Texas Triple Crown.

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Barcia also swept the top five last week in St. Louis with a 5-5-4 that landed him fifth in the overall results. Barcia’s aggressive riding style has paid off with a perfect record of top-fives in heats and features during the past 45 days.

With a win in the first feature of the St. Louis Triple Crown and podium finishes in the other two races, Chase Sexton managed to stay out of trouble and finish second overall. That contributed to a rapid rise from sixth on the chart to fourth. Sexton fans are left to wonder what his year might look like without a couple of hard offs spread throughout the season.

Anderson slipped one position, but rounds out the top five after finishing fourth overall in St. Louis with a 6-2-5. Anderson now trails Tomac by a margin that is greater than two races. Four rounds remain.

Outside the top five, Justin Brayton advanced two positions from 10th to eighth with his 7-7-7 effort in St. Louis that put him sixth on the overall chart.

450 Rankings

1. Eli Tomac (last Week: 1); [7 feature wins, 6 heat wins]
2. Marvin Musquin (7); [1 feature win, 1 heat win]
3. Justin Barcia (3); [3 heat wins]
4. Chase Sexton (6); [1 feature win, 6 heat wins]
5. Jason Anderson (4); [3 feature wins; 6 heat wins]
6. Malcolm Stewart (2); [3 heat wins]
7. Cooper Webb (5); [3 heat wins]
8. Justin Brayton (10)
9. Vince Friese (11)
10. Dylan Ferrandis (8)
11. Justin Bogle (14)
11. Shane McElrath (12)
13. Kyle Chisholm (16)
14. Brandon Hartranft (13)
15. Dean Wilson (9)
16. Justin Starling (17)
17. Ryan Breece (15)
18. Cade Clason (18)
19. Benny Bloss (NA)
20. John Short (20)

Triple Crown wins included with Heat wins

After taking a week off to give the 250 West riders center stage in Seattle, the 250 East riders were back in action. The next four rounds will feature one standalone event for both divisions and two East/West showdowns, which will give us a chance to compare the riders head-to-head. Saturday’s race on the Atlanta Motor Speedway frontstretch will be one of the showdowns.

West rider Christian Craig holds onto the top spot in the combined rankings as Jett Lawrence continues to be the best in the East.

Lawrence had a chance to make a big statement after winning the first two features. He hit the dirt on the first lap of the third race last week, however, and climbed to only fifth at the end. His pair of victories were enough to give him second overall and keep him high in the rankings, but with Craig’s near-perfect record, he could not ascend to the top.

Fifth overall, Kyle Chisholm is ranked second among the East riders. He had a yeoman’s performance in St. Louis with a 4-4-3 that allowed him to surge up the chart from 10th.

One has to slide all the way down to ninth overall to find Mitchell Oldenburg, who is ranked third in the East. Oldenburg finished third overall with a 3-3-4.

Jordon Smith rounds out the top 10 overall and ranks fourth among the East riders after finishing 6-5-11 in last week’s Triple Crown.

250 Rankings

1. Christian Craig - W (1); [4 feature wins, 8 heat wins]
2. Jett Lawrence - E (2); [4 feature wins, 5 heat wins]
3. Hunter Lawrence - W (4); [2 feature wins, 2 heat wins]
4. RJ Hampshire - W (8); [1 feature win, 3 heat wins]
5. Kyle Chisholm - E (10)
5. Jo Shimoda - W (6)
7. Michael Mosiman - W (5); [1 feature win, 3 heat wins]
8. Vince Friese - W (7); [1 heat win]
9. Mitchell Oldenburg - E (15); [1 heat win]
10. Jordon Smith - E (11)
11. Nate Thrasher - W (12)
12. Carson Brown - W (16)
13. Jalek Swoll - W (14)
14. Garrett Marchbanks - W (17)
15. Robbie Wageman - W (20)
15. Pierce Brown - E (13); [2 heat wins]
17. Jace Owen - E (18)
18. Phil Nicoletti - E (22)
19. Enzo Lopes - E (19)
20. Derek Kelley - W (30)

Triple Crown wins included with Heat wins

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