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Conor Daly and friends continue to laugh it up in iRacing Twitch stream


Once again, some of the best laughs in Saturday’s IndyCar iRacing Challenge race at virtual Michigan International Speedway came from Conor Daly and a few of his fellow drivers.

For the third consecutive week, Daly streamed his point of view of the race live on his Twitch account,

Alexander Rossi and Colton Herta also joined the stream for another week, along with Ed Carpenter and James Hinchcliffe. They all provided plenty of laughs with their humourous commentary and jabs at each other throughout the race.

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All five drivers were communicating via a private Discord server that was synced with the stream. Below is a collection of some of the best exchanges between the five drivers:

Prior to practice

DALY (holding a drink bottle): “This G FUEL (a brand of energy drink) is probably going to make my face twitch.”

CARPENTER and HERTA: “The what?”

DALY: “I got this special juice today that might be against the banned substances list. I’m not really sure, but it’s a performance liquid.”

CARPENTER: “Oh gosh.”

HINCHCLIFFE: “I feel like a lot of what you put in your body is on the banned substance list.”

DALY: “That’s not true at all. That is so far off. I’m a rule follower.

HERTA: “Just the fact that it calls itself a performance liquid should raise a bunch of questions.”

DALY: “I don’t know about that.”


DALY: “I’m not once calling Dale Jr. ‘Dale Jr.’ all day. I’m going to call him Dale Jesus all day. I mean it’s Easter weekend.”

(As promised, Daly referred to Earnhardt as “Dale Jesus” for the remainder of the stream.)

HERTA: “Nathan, I’m going to do the time lost to pit right now if you want to time it.”

CARPENTER: “Are you going to share the time with everybody? We’ve been sharing.”

HERTA: “Well, no. Last time I listened to your strategy, I finished like ninth.”

DALY: “Well, I believe that was your best finish of the season so far.”

ROSSI: “Well, you can leave this chat if you want.”

(Herta inaudibly tries to defend himself.)

CARPENTER: “Who’s getting kicked out of the chat?”

ROSSI: “Well, Colton if he keeps talking (expletive) about your team.”

DALY: “Oh ho ho..”

HERTA: “Oof.”

CARPENTER: “I’m liking you more and more, Alexander.”

DALY: “We’re all pals now.”


(Herta flips on the backstretch)

DALY: “Oh my goodness. Oh man! There is a man cartwheeling like an Olympic gymnast gold medalist. Holy crap. That was 10 out of 10.”

HERTA: “That was me. That was me.”

CARPENTER: “That was you, Colton?”

DALY: “Colton, 10 out of 10. Get the man a medal! Get the man a medal.”

HINCHCLIFFE: “He really stuck the landing.”

DALY: “At this point, this could be the most boring oval race I’ve ever been a part of, real-life or simulator. And I’ve run at the back at a lot of oval races.”

Click here to watch a full replay of the race Daly’s Twitch stream (warning: contains adult language)

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