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2022 Supercross Power Rankings after Round 10: Eli Tomac holds position as Jett Lawrence moves up

Eli Tomac turned another slow start into another 450 class win as Round 10 of the Supercross season came to Detroit, his third straight victory and the 42nd of his career -- good for fifth place on the all-time list.

A chaotic Round 10 in Detroit shook up the Supercross Power Rankings with most of the 450 top 10 riders shifting position, allowing Eli Tomac to stretch his advantage in the points and rankings.

Winning both his heat and feature, Tomac enters the second half of the 2022 season with a sizeable lead in the championship points. The Power Ranking are a little different, looking at the past 45 days in order to give us a glimpse at how riders are currently running. Tomac has been almost perfect in that span with only one finish off the podium in heats and features. Nothing is entirely safe with seven rounds remaining, but Tomac does not need to take any risks.

With the feud with Jason Anderson reportedly put to rest, Malcolm Stewart moved into second in the Supercross Rankings after Round 10. After finishing eighth in the feature at Daytona, Stewart snapped a seven-race streak of top-five finishes, but he immediately regained his form to finish second at Detroit after winning his heat.

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Stewart had a little help as Anderson crashed while running second. Credited with 21st, Anderson could care less about dropping in our rankings, but he is feeling the sting in the standings. He currently trails Tomac by 42 points, which equates to about a race and a half. Equally important, he allowed Stewart to tie him for the runner-up position and that is going to intensify their rivalry.

Justn Barcia scored his fourth podium of the season with a third-place finish in Detroit. With two of his worst finishes aging out of the 45-day formula in the past two weeks, Barcia climbed to fourth in the rankings with a worst result of sixth in an overall feature.

Cooper Webb cased a jump last week in Detroit and crashed after getting hit in the helmet by Chase Sexton. He remounted and attempted to finish the race, but was reportedly guided to the mechanics’ area by an official. His evening was done. There has been no word on whether he will miss this coming week but since it is his home track, expect him to mount up for Indy.

450 Rankings

1. Eli Tomac (Last week: 1); [5 feature wins, 5 heat and wins]
2. Malcolm Stewart (3); [3 heat wins]
3. Jason Anderson (2); [3 feature wins; 4 heat wins]
4. Justin Barcia (6); [1 heat win]
5. Cooper Webb (5); [3 heat wins]
6. Chase Sexton (4); [1 feature win, 5 heat wins]
7. Marvin Musquin (7)
8. Vince Friese (11)
9. Dylan Ferrandis (8)
10. Dean Wilson (10)
11. Justin Brayton (13)
12. Shane McElrath (12)
13. Brandon Hartranft (14)
14. Mitchell Oldenburg (15)
15. Justin Bogle (18)
16. Kyle Chisholm (16)
17. Justin Starling (20)
18. Max Anstie (17)
19. Alex Martin (19)
20. Alex Ray (25)

Triple Crown wins included with Heat wins

Jett Lawrence moved up a position in the Supercross Rankings after Round 10, but his heat and feature win did not allow him to overtake Christian Craig for the overall lead. That battle for dominance will most likely have to wait until the first East/West Showdown at Atlanta in mid-April.

For now, Lawrence is establishing dominance among the 250 East riders and that is all that is truly important. Lawrence has had such a lead over the past two weeks that even a little premature celebration at Daytona two weeks ago could not derail him.

And for his part, Cameron McAdoo has really done nothing wrong; he’s simply been beat by Lawrence in recent weeks. McAdoo’s second-place finishes in his heat and feature at Detroit keeps the 250 East leader in sight, however, and a stumble from the Australian puts him right back in the mix as he trails by only eight points in the standings.

Overall positions fourth through seventh are occupied by 250 West riders with Hunter Lawrence and Michael Mosiman rounding out the top five.

Third among the 250 East riders is Stilez Robertson. He had a strong run in his heat and finished second behind Pierce Brown. In the feature, he was not quite as productive with eighth-place finish as the last rider on the lead lap.

Brown stood on the podium in the feature in third. Combined with his heat win, that rocketed him up the order from 14th overall to ninth. In the 250 East Power Rankings, he is solidly in fourth.

Rounding out the East’s list of the top five is Jordon Smith, who finished fifth in the feature, but not before he was forced to race into the big show by way of the Last Chance Qualifier.

250 Rankings

1. Christian Craig - W (1); [4 feature wins, 7 heat wins]
2. Jett Lawrence - E (3); [3 feature wins, 2 heat wins]
3. Cameron McAdoo - E (2); [1 feature win, 2 heat wins]
4. Hunter Lawrence - W (4); [1 feature win, 2 heat wins]
5. Michael Mosiman - W (5); [1 feature win, 3 heat wins]
6. Jo Shimoda - W (6)
7. Vince Friese - W (7)
8. Stilez Robertson - E (10)
9. Pierce Brown - E (14); [2 heat wins]
10. Jordon Smith - E (9)
11. RJ Hampshire - E (13); [2 heat wins]
12. Nate Thrasher - W (12)
13. Phil Nicoletti - E (15)
14. Mitchell Oldenburg - E (8)
15. Enzo Lopes - E (11)
16. Garrett Marchbanks - W (16); [1 heat win]
17. Carson Brown - W (17)
18. Jalek Swoll - W (18)
19. Jace Owen - E (21)
20. Robbie Wageman - W (20)

Triple Crown wins included with Heat wins

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