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Kyle Busch viral fan video ‘something fun’ to do in traffic

Kyle Busch has to sit in traffic like the rest of us and to help pass the time the recent Martinsville winner helped make some fan's day.

FORT WORTH -- Kyle Busch had done things like it before. Waving to a fan in traffic outside a track and saying “Hey.” But he took it to another level Sunday with a fan named Darienne Breazeale.

The video of Busch signing Breazeale’s hat in his car following the race at Martinsville Speedway was a trending item on Facebook by the night’s end. On Instagram, it’s been “liked” more than 13,000 times.

“It’s rolling pretty heavily, so it was probably about 20, 25 minutes (after it was posted) that it seemed to be growing and it never stopped,” Busch said Friday at Texas Motor Speedway. “We got home and we were looking at the amount of views because my web guy put it up on Facebook and I think the views on Facebook after 24 hours was up over 10 million, so it was in 24 hours.”

Busch said there’s “not a chance” he would be caught reacting to meeting someone the way Breazeale, a native of Wilmington, North Carolina, did when he honked at her in traffic. But Breazeale’s reaction was tame compared to others Busch has encountered in his career.

“I have definitely seen some like that before and maybe some a little bit worse sometimes,” Busch said. “Some ladies before they just start cracking down in tears and start falling apart and don’t know what to say. You can’t even say anything, let alone keep going about, ‘Oh my gosh,’ or whatever she was saying, so I’ve definitely seen worse.”

Busch has kept in contact with Breazeale and she will be a guest of Joe Gibbs Racing next weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.

All of that from a chance encounter in post-race traffic.

“Just kind of something fun to do while we were stuck in traffic,” Busch said.

Next time someone is honking at you in traffic, don’t get mad. It could be your favorite driver.

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