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NASCAR America: Bad pit stop etiquette angers Chad Knaus, Chris Gayle

Jimmie Johnson's pit crew was not pleased with Erik Jones' crew in pit lane as the No. 77 car did not give the No. 48 car enough room to get out during one stop.

During the Coca-Cola 600, tensions were stoked between the teams of Jimmie Johnson and Erik Jones, but it wasn’t for anything that happened on the track.

The two teams were positioned next to each other on pit road, with Jones’ stall in front of Johnson’s.

Throughout the night, each driver had difficulty entering and exiting their stalls thanks to how the other car was positioned in its stall.

It led to fiery dialogue from Johnson’s crew chief, Chad Knaus, and Jones’, Chris Gayle, which can be heard on this week’s Scan All.

“The ****ing crew chief on the 77, I cannot wait to pay him back for this ****,"Knaus said.

“He’s got my blood pressure up, you’re going to have to calm me down,” Gayle later said.

On NASCAR America, analyst Parker Kligerman addressed the situation.

“When you have two cars that are running in similar positions like (Johnson) and (Jones), there’s a gentleman’s agreement, where (Jones) is going to try and go further into their pit box and you can see there (Jones) isn’t even up to the mark that they’ve set in the pit box,” Kligerman said. “That angers (Johnson’s team) because they get stuck in their box when they’ve gone to their appropriate spot they’ve deemed where they need to put the car when they stop.”

Kligerman said the situation is a combination of crew chief orders and drive error.

“In this situation, the crew chief will come on the radio and say ‘hey, we’re going to move the pit sign. Just hit the sign,’” Kligerman said. “But you see here (Jones) doesn’t go all the way in. He has kind of an awkward angle getting around (Johnson), therefore, it continually congests (Johnson) trying to get out.”

Watch the video for the full segment.