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NASCAR America: Brad Keselowski’s comments about Michigan tires ‘unnecessary’

After participating in a Goodyear tire test at Michigan, Brad Keselowski speaks out about NASCAR's decision.

Earlier this week Brad Keselowski took to Twitter criticize the tire combination Goodyear had chosen for this weekend’s races at Michigan International Speedway after an April tire test.

“Our team (and several others) tested multiple tire compounds and recommended every one of them but this one,” Keselowski said. “In no way do I wanna be associated with this decision.”

On Thursday, Goodyear’s director of racing said Keselowski didn’t even test the exact tire combination that’s being used this weekend.

On NASCAR America, analyst Jeff Burton expressed disapproval of Keselowski’s comments.

“Brad Keselowski wants to be a leader in this sports,” Burton said. “Brad puts a lot of time into making this sport better. I want to give him credit for that, because some drivers don’t. Some drivers are here, they want to get the most out of it, but they don’t necessarily want to put a lot of time in to help the sport. But this kind of to me is unnecessary. I don’t know what good comes from it.”

Burton said Goodyear took all the data it collected from the test and “made the decision they thought was best, from a safety standpoint as well as from a competition standpoint.”

Burton continued: “There’s times when you have an internal struggle. Just keep it internal. Why are we having a conversation with the fans about what tire Goodyear picked? I just don’t understand that. Now if I bought a ticket for Michigan, am I thinking, ‘Well should I have not bought my ticket?’ That’s not fair.”

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