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NASCAR America: Jeff Burton says ‘NASCAR took a big swing with new aero package’

A majority of NASCAR drivers appear reluctant to say they enjoyed the All-Star package that had less horsepower and it remains to be seen if it will be used again this year.

In a poll during Monday’s NASCAR America segment, fans overwhelmingly supported the new aero package used in the All-Star Race. Analyst Jeff Burton was one of those who voted yes to the question of whether it should be used again this year.

And yet, Burton also was cautious about this being the final version NASCAR employs.

“There’s going to have to be a way where maybe you can put more power in the cars and still give them the ability to draft,” Burton said.

“This was a big swing. Maybe something in the middle makes the most sense. The mile-and-half races, quite frankly they’ve got to be a little better than they have been. And this is the beginning of doing that.”

NASCAR is made up of many stakeholders, and the drivers’ opinions are weighed alongside the fans.

“You could tell (the drivers) were kind of surprised they liked it,” Burton continued.

“You could hear them hesitantly saying, ‘Yeah, I kind of liked it,’ but they were afraid to admit it because it wasn’t what they really want to do.”

Burton said the reason for the hesitation was that the restrictor plate and aero ducts altered the input the drivers have on their race cars.

“There’s going to have to be common ground where maybe you can put more power back in the cars and still give them the ability to draft,” Burton said. “Now that’s going to be hard to do. ... How can we do that and make the car go faster? That’s the next question. If we can find a way to put some speed back into the cars and give the guy in second an advantage somewhere, that’s the positive you can take from this race and keep building that book.

“The end goal being create racing that’s fun to watch but doesn’t mess with the tradition and all the things that NASCAR has always been. There’s a way to do it if the effort continues.”

For more on Burton’s take, watch the video above.