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NASCAR America: Driver-to-Driver with Chase Elliott

Chase Elliott talks about following his father's footsteps, his forever growing fan base, and what it will feel like when he wins his first race.

The sons of two famous NASCAR champions sat down in the latest edition of NASCAR America’s Driver-to-Driver.

NBC Sports analysts Kyle Petty talked with Hendrick Motorsports’ Chase Elliott.

Petty asked about the pressure of being the son of Hall of Famer Bill Elliott and driving his iconic No. 9.

“What your last name is isn’t going to make you go faster or slower once that race starts, it’s not going to help me drive better” Elliott said. “I have some great supporters. People that don’t like me too aren’t going to hurt my feelings by not liking me.”

Elliott said there’s no pressure to drive the No. 9 since he associates it with his own racing career, from go-karts all the way to the Xfinity Series.

“It’s not because of his past history, though that is why I chose it when I started racing go karts, but since then I feel like I’ve grown with it myself,” Elliott said.

Watch the above video for more, including their discussion about Elliott’s run-in with Denny Hamlin last October at Martinsville Speedway.