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NASCAR America: How Dale Jr. will introduce his daughter to Dale Sr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. answers some fan questions, including how he plans on telling his daughter about the late Dale Sr.

When Dale Earnhardt Jr. needed to describe his father to wife Amy, he had her sit down to watch the 2007 documentary “Dale.” He expects to do the same thing when it comes time to introduce his daughter to her legendary grandfather.

“I’ll be honest with you; I’ll probably set her down and have her watch the Dale movie,” Earnhardt said. “They made this movie called ‘Dale’ a long time ago and that was the only way I could help Amy understand exactly who Dad was. I could try my hardest to tell her stories, show her videos or pictures, but that Dale movie really captures him better than anything else.”

Junior also commented on who the Washington Redskins should pick during the first round of the NFL draft and whether his dog Gus can catch a Frisbee.

For more watch the video above.