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NASCAR America: Jeff Burton gets up close and personal with Martinsville’s challenges

Jeff Burton explains how frustrating and hectic it can be for drivers on pit road at Martinsville Speedway.

Thursday on NASCAR America, Jeff Burton discussed some of the pitfalls when it comes to pit selection at Martinsville Speedway.

On Friday, Jeff Burton was at Martinsville and showed in person what drivers have to deal with on pit road and in the deceptively banked turns at the half-mile track.

"(Pit road) looks really wide, but it’s not,” Burton said. “It gets very narrow. And when we see all those guys start to slow down at the end of pit road, trying to get to the bottom lane, that’s where we’re ultimately going to see a wreck. At some point they’re going to stack up.”

Burton then ventured out to Turns 1 and 2 of the short track to show what dangers can unexpectedly ruin a driver’s day, mainly the curbs on the inside of the track.

“This curb plays such a huge role in the race, because look at how tall it is,” Burton said. “At most race tracks you have concrete and asphalt and then grass. ... This curb is a good eight inches tall. When you get your left side tire on this thing, it’s horrible.”

The best way to pass at Martinsville is low and when the car hits the curb, Burton said it “completely messes up the way your car drives.”

Watch the below video for more of Burton’s examination of Martinsville.