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NASCAR America: Joey Logano had no career backup plan to racing (video)

Joey Logano said he put all his eggs in one basket as a young kid and that there was "no backup plan" when it came to being a racecar driver as a profession.

On Wednesday’s edition of NASCAR America, Joey Logano was asked what he might have been if he had never succeeded in racing.

But Logano said there was nothing else for him. It was racing or nothing, adding there was no “backup plan” when it came to doing something else for a living.

“When you’re a kid, you find something you’re good at, you automatically love it,” Logano said. “Santa Claus brought me a go-kart and that was the beginning of the end. Every time I’d get home from school, I’d jump in the cart and just make laps.

“I had so much fun doing that. I used to go play hockey, but I wasn’t never going to make it at that, but I had fun trying. I liked cars a lot, I enjoyed driving, I was good at it and I just kept going that way.”

Logano added, “When you go to school and they ask what do you want to be when you grow up, it was always to be a race car driver. It was always what I wanted to be. I focused in on it, put all my eggs in one basket and it worked.

“There was no back-up plan. It was this or all. It’s worked out alright.”