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NASCAR America: Joey Logano is a champion on and off the track

Joey Logano is a champion on and off the track as the recipient of the year's Comcast Community Champion of the Year.

Before he won the 2018 Cup championship, Joey Logano received perhaps his most meaningful honor of the season when he became the Comcast Community Champion of the Year for his charitable foundation. It underscored the type of champion that he hoped to become.

“At 28 years old, (Logano) has an enormous amount of perspective,” Nate Ryan said on Tuesday’s edition of NASCAR America. “The night before he won his first Cup championship, he went to a supermarket near the track in Homestead and helped out 100 needy families with gift cards through his foundation.

“He took the time out to do that on the eve of the most important race of his career.”

That trip to the supermarket was still on his mind after winning the Cup - not having been erased by an accomplishment that would overshadow almost every positive and negative occasion from the past year.

“I think what Joey Logano brings that is so difficult as an athlete is he has two personalities,” Jeff Burton said. “He has a personality when you put your helmet on: you have to be selfish, you have to be arrogant, you have to egotistical. You have to be all the things your Mom told you not to be. When you take that helmet off, you have to be this.

“When you see him and his wife Brittany and you see them at those events, you can look in their eyes. They’re not doing it because there’s a camera there; they are doing it because they want to do it.”

For more, watch the video above.

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