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NASCAR America: The REAL reason Kasey Kahne was late to new contract signing

Kasey Kahne's truck ran out of gas on his way to sign his new contract with Leavine Family Racing.

A funny thing -- a really funny thing -- happened Tuesday to Kasey Kahne on his way to sign his contract with his new race team in 2018, Leavine Family Racing.

Kahne knows what happens when you run out of fuel, especially late in a NASCAR race. It’s the nature of the sport to gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes your gas tank runs dry.

So, Kahne was on his way to Tuesday’s contract signing at LFR when his pickup truck stopped cold.

After a quick examination of his ride, Kahne quickly deduced that it wasn’t the motor, battery, alternator or radiator that caused the truck to conk out.

Rather, as Kahne would later sheepishly admit, he ran out of gas.

NASCAR On NBC analyst and former NASCAR Cup crew chief Steve Letarte had some fun at Kahne’s expense, adding a quip on Thursday’s edition of NASCAR America: “This is what happens when you let a driver make his own decisions: he runs out of gas.”