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NASCAR trackside superstore makes debut at Pocono (PHOTOS)

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LONG POND, Pa. - The driver merchandise haulers are all but gone. Starting this weekend, fans can purchase most of their driver gear at a new 60,000-square foot store erected at each Sprint Cup track.

Banners display where fans can find their favorite driver’s gear. For those who like heroes of the past, there’s also a section that includes Richard Petty, David Pearson, Dale Earnhardt and some of the other drivers who helped build NASCAR.

Only the gear for Team Penske’s drivers remain in a hauler. They’ll be incorporated into the trackside superstore starting next year.

Teams like that their drivers can be represented in a central area and that the displays can change from race to race. So, if the series races at a driver’s hometown market, that driver’s display can be moved to a more prominent location in the store and have more items available.

Haulers may be around at some tracks but they’ll serve as satellite locations on the track property. The plan is to introduce a hauler in October that allows fans to customize their favorite driver’s clothing or hats. One goal is to provide items that celebrate a driver’s win at a track just moments after the driver has taken the checkered flag at that track.

Ross Tannenbaum, president of Fanatics Authentic, says an advantage with the layout is “the breath of products” that are available to fans from T-shirts and hats to jackets, diecasts and much more.

There also will be online shopping stations for items that are not there. For fans who purchase items at the store, a tent of registers will help limit how long it takes to check out. Tannenbaum says the goal is to get fans through checkout in five minutes during the peak times.


A line of T-shirts are just among the many Dale Earnhardt Jr. items available at the trackside superstore.


The outside of a portion of the trackside superstore showing fans what driver’s items are in that location.


Fans go through another section of the trackside superstore that features various drivers.


A variety of items in the Kasey Kahne section of the trackside superstore.


A few of the many Danica Patrick items available at the trackside superstore at Pocono.

IMG_0676 (1)

Numerous hats available at the trackside superstore.