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Take a peek into a real cool part of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s life

When Dale Earnhardt Jr. appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on NBCSN Thursday morning, Patrick wanted to know something about Junior that most fans might not be aware of.

So what better thing for Patrick to ask about than “Can you take a picture of inside your refrigerator and tweet that out for us. I’d be curious about that. Is there anything embarrassing in there?”

The question definitely caught Earnhardt off-guard. He hemmed and hawed a bit and then promised he’d tweet a picture of it.

True to his word, Junior indeed tweeted what was in his fridge right after the interview was over.

From our perusal of the photo that accompanied the tweet, there wasn’t a whole lot in Junior’s ice box: three cans of Busch Light, two bottles of Corona, a bottle of champagne, some hot sauce and A1, pickles and a few other assorted jars, a carryout package likely filled with leftovers and one big slice of pizza.

Junior also revealed that he has a separate cooler just for beer, also in his kitchen, then told Patrick the cooler is just slightly smaller than his refrigerator.

We would have thought Junior would have had more things to munch on. Maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to the grocery store lately.