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67RIEFNS No. 44: Whatever Jason Kidd does

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd


The NBA is full of talent, personality and suspense. During the offseason, It’s easy to forget how wonderful the league can be. So, I’ve assembled 67 Reasons I’m Excited For Next Season (67RIEFNS). They’ll be presented in no particular order.

Giannis Antetokounmpo at point guard? John Henson at center?

Jason Kidd is bring the positional revolution to Milwaukee.

It seems Kidd, after falling into a wildly successful small-ball lineup with the Nets after Brook Lopez got hurt, has really taken to experimenting on the court. There’s nothing accidental about what’s happening with the Bucks. Kidd has found his niche as a coach, and he’s ready to explore it head on, which should be fun for everyone watching the experimenting.

For that alone, I’m keeping an eye on Kidd. But I haven’t even mentioned the biggest drama – Kidd’s potential for blowing up the entire organizational flow chart.

As a player, Kidd had a reputation for being a coach killer, so many of us had a good laugh when he became a coach himself. But Kidd got the last laugh (or something). He effectively killed his own status as Nets head coach when he tried to get full control of basketball operations.

After that backfired, he landed in Milwaukee, where he’s surely content to just coach. He insists he’s not angling for a front-office job or anything! Seriously.

Does anyone believe him?

The Bucks handled hiring Kidd poorly, which they admitted. They waited too long to fire their previous coach, Larry Drew, after getting into bed with Kidd, and they paid the price with outside criticism. Whether or not they wanted to give Kidd front-office power, by that point, it was too late. They already looked bad for how they added Kidd. They would have looked even worse downgrading

But that doesn’t mean Kidd’s thirst for the front-office lifestyle has subsided. Bucks general manager John Hammond better sleep with one eye open. Kidd might attempt – another – bold power play.