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Adam Silver defends league’s Draymond Green decision. Again.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says that Draymond Green's accumulation of Flagrant-1 fouls automatically enforced a one-game suspension.

CLEVELAND — The Golden State Warriors thought suspending Draymond Green for Game 5 was too much. The Cleveland Cavaliers thought it wasn’t tough enough, they wanted two games.

Usually, if you piss both sides off, you split the middle perfectly.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday (which is broadcast on the NBC Sports Network), and he once again defended the league’s suspension of Green for the accumulation of fragrant fouls during the playoffs. The video is above, but if you are one of the five people in America who still prefer the written word, here is what he said:

“The question becomes, ‘Should we have not had given him a flagrant-1 knowing that the outcome would be for him to be suspended?’ And I can only imagine what people would have said on the other side of the argument, had we not given the flagrant when we saw an act — an act, to Draymond’s credit, he acknowledged it, there was no dispute as to what happened. The referees did not see it on the floor. There’s also no question they didn’t see it and decide it wasn’t a flagrant. They didn’t see that act when he swiped over at LeBron and hit him in the groin area, and that is a flagrant our league. I will say in the case of Draymond, I think he knows it, that he wasn’t about to get the benefit of the doubt, either, based on his prior conduct and the purpose of that rule.”

The league got this right. Green had been warned, then he crossed the line again. He’s got nobody to blame but himself, going back to the Houston series and the ridiculous body slam of Michael Beasley with one second left on the clock.

He’s back for Game 6, and that is going to change the dynamics of this game.