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All-Star halftime: East 76 West 69

Really, the highlight so far is the Batman outfit Usher wore pregame.

That or the few minutes of Steve Nash/Jason Kidd backcourt, just so Dallas fans could be reminded what they had in 1997. Aside that, pretty standard All-Star game first half.

The crowd has not seemed totally into it. Maybe because they are sitting three miles from the court, and realizing they paid a lot of money to watch the game on television. A really cool, huge television (bigger than the court) but a television none-the-less.

In the first quarter it looked like Carmelo Anthony wanted the MVP trophy more than anyone, with 11 first quarter shots. That led to 13 points, and he was the only player attacking the rim it seemed (eight of those shots a the rim). Everyone else was in love with the jump shot. Even Dwight Howard, who launched and made a three pointer, which still led to a glare of disgust from East coach Stan Van Gundy. Howard launched on the next trip down, too.

Then in the second quarter, the game opened up. Well, actually the players started getting in the offensive flow, but as nobody was going to play any defense it just became a dunk fest. Guys in this game draw double teams in regular games, not get open lanes. They light up -- Deron Williams and Dwyane Wade probably had the best.

Then LeBron James started to take over, the East got out and ran and the result was the lead they got. LeBron and Howard have 11, Chris Bosh and Wade with 10. Out West, Melo with 17 and Kevin Durant has looked sharp with 10.

Shakira at halftime... let’s see the button down, love us some classic rock NFL do something like this at halftime.