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Allen Iverson has nothing but praise for Stephen Curry

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson


Don’t put Allen Iverson in with those “get off my lawn” former NBA players more concerned about trying to protect the image of their era — and their egos — rather than enjoying what Stephen Curry is doing with the Golden State Warriors.

Iverson loves what he sees.

Iverson was at a Sixers Youth Foundation event and spoke to Brian Seltzer of about Curry.

Here’s the money part of the quote:

“He’s incredible. He’s different. He’s different. He’s something we’ve never seen. We’ve never seen this. It’s crazy to me, like just me being the biggest Michael Jordan fan, to see somebody come around like this. I have my idea of me being incredible, you know what I mean? But this dude right here, like it’s different. It’s a whole different monster, as far as his handle and the way he shoots? C’mon. You know you ain’t never seen nothing like this.”

We haven’t.

Barack Obama put it well, saying he’s having the most fun watching Curry that he’s had watching anyone since Jordan. That doesn’t mean that Curry is better than Kobe Bryant or Shaq or Tim Duncan or whoever, but he’s the most entertaining, engrossing player on the court since then.

Guys like this don’t come along often, and we should savor it.