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Andray Blatche’s triple-double that wasn’t

Andray Blatche’s official stat line from last night’s game against the Nets reads as 20 points, nine rebounds and 13 assists. According to our bizarre fascination and amusement with nice, round numbers, that’s not good enough to be a footnote on Blatche’s career. No triple-double, no dice.

Blatche almost locked up the statistical honor twice in the last minute. Kyle Weidie from Truth About It chronicle the final minute’s events (complete with photos and video):

With 24 seconds left in the game, one excruciating chance for 10 boards presented itself, but Blatche fouled Brook Lopez going for a long Yi Jianlian three-point miss. Rats. Andray skipped down the court in frustration after the blown whistle while Lopez, of the 11-win Nets, simply waited for the game to be over.

The second such chance for rebound 10 came about six seconds later after an air-ball by Chris Douglas-Roberts. The miss practically landed in Cartier Martin’s lap and before he knew it, he was moving the ball away from the on-coming mitts of Blatche, who was seemingly intent on stealing the rebound from his teammate.

Head over to Truth About It for the video of Blatche’s reaction, which is definitely worth watching. On that second sequence, Andray charges down the lane intent on snatching away the rebound from Cartier Martin, who simply stands there and catches a ball that lands directly in his lap. Awww, horsefeathers!

I’m not going step up on my holier-than-thou soapbox and chastise Blatche for stat-chasing, especially when most players in the NBA would probably do the same thing; what player wouldn’t try his damnedest to get that one point, rebound, or assist if he was just shy of a triple-double? Blatche’s reaction -- and the fact that he literally tried to steal the ball out of Martin’s hands -- are what make this situation laughable. No, Andray, we’re not laughing with you.