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Arenas “freaking out” says very shadowy source

It’s the kind of headline that draws us bloggers like moths to a flame, but before reading the next line, please take a generous amount of salt:

Gilbert Arenas is freaking out.

That’s what ESPN the Magazine is reporting, through it’s new Player X column -- a column written anonymously by an “NBA Star.” (You can get it online if you fork over for Insider.) It was a well crafted bit of writing, so we can safely assume it is ghost written for an NBA star, because if not the pool of candidates drops dramatically.

The anonymous player cites “word around the league” that Arenas is freaking out. That is your evidence -- an anonymous player citing hearsay? William Randolph Hurst would have blushed at running that as fact.

As Dan Steinberg notes, Player X also says that Javaris Crittenton may be done, because general managers won’t touch him after the gun incident. That may be true, may not be. GMs are very forgiving if you can ball, but if you fail to live up to your potential regularly they are less inclined to take a risk.

But I’d take the Crittenton “news” with some salt, as well.